A previous Garry's Mod Community moving onto S&Box.

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Our Plan

Providing a wonderful gaming experience on a new platform with endless posibilities. Promising to be customly designed to fufil the enjoyment in a vast searches of roleplays and arcades to a broad amount of fun.

For the people

The community will be designed to fit the fulfilment and enjoyment of all. All members will have the right to vote on features and ideas they wish for or against. You may freely express your opinion with the community to contribute in its success for its goals.


Dedicated and only for you. Our staff and development teams will provide and prioritize custom content for our game servers and community as a whole. Provided and paid for by the members of the community.


Members, Developers, Administrators are all treated here with the same level of respect. No one shall feel disrespected or unvalued through power, monetary contributions or simple intimidation from others. We care about the players, we do not aim disrespect those we care about.

Meet our team (currently)


Community owner & Founder

Orginally founded this community previously in Garry's Mod in the summer of 2015. He has returned as a youtuber, community owner and a wonderful full-time S&box enthusiast. His dedication with accompanied medicore ability to program and the help of others will help shape Squad Gaming to complete its promises


staff director

Leaf has been around since the first stages and humble beginnings of the original Squad Gaming and is recognized as a Veteran. His experience has gained him the ability to guide our community in the right direction, ensuring both Staff & Players are in understanding.


community Advisor

The arms and shoulders of Squad Gaming. Sushi has been here since the very first day the Original Squad Gaming was founded. Sushi has supported vastly by holding the highest donation record, longest time served as staff and long time awarded as best "RP'er" in Squad Gaming. Proudly, Looked up to by many members of the community.

Server Ideas

*These are just ideas, Servers are a community decision via voting and meetings.

Star Wars

"Watch those wrist rockets!" because our community would love to return Star Wars RP into S&box, properly. Introducing with more opportunities to create exciting and entertaining missions, battles and events with a rich server based storyline


The military science fiction trilogy recreated in a Roleplay Server. Experience different aspects of being in the UNSC or maybe even the Covenant. Be a part of the Galactic Warfare with a whole 'lot of shooting and Bio-foaming

Historical Wars

Roleplaying Servers based on the wars and conflicts which have happened in our very own history. This may include the Middle Eastern conflicts, the World Wars, Jungles of Vietnam and our remarkable revolutions. All is possible within our community.


S&box is currently in a prototyping stage. Squad Gaming is slowly building even before release to get a small head start to provide a caring gaming experience on S&box. We look for anyone talented in administrative positions, development roles, dedicative supporters or simply loyal members. If interested in joining please head over to our discord to get started.

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