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  1. Froopy's Introduction

    Who is chub

  3. Made some revisions (grammar wise) to the basic rules.

    Why thank you Leaf! I have just finished revising the Document Book as well, if you care to take a look.
  4. 1. Please review the rules below and attend to the staff members words in charge.2. You are responsible for your own account's securities. If someone accesses your forum/discord/in-game account, you will be held accountable for what that person does, as if you had violated them yourself.3. Be respectful! This applies to both members and staff of the community. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions. Freedom of expression is welcomed with open arms. However, administrators will intervene should a flame war or certain disruptive behaviors occur.4. If you have a personal issue with another member on the forums, please move the conversation to private messages. If you cannot come to an agreement, please ask an admin to help mediate.5. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, or bigotry in any way, shape or form. If you are found disobeying this rule, to ensure fair and just punishment, consequences may vary.6. Refrain from starting a flame war or any attempt at trolling others on the forum, in-game and on Discord.7. Please keep the content of your signatures, avatars and profile posts as appropriate as possible. This includes huge signature sizes and forum spams.8. Do not impersonate a staff member and/or other online personalities. This includes back-seat moderating while not being an official member of the staff team. Self-integrity is highly encouraged here. Impersonation will be met with severe punishments.9. No pornography, and no posting of illicit material in general.10. No excessive whines, complaints, and/or repeated grievances towards staff members decisions. The owner's and staff's decisions are absolute.11. No cheating, hacking, exploiting or violating a game's TOS. Here at Squad Gaming, we strive to promote maturity and fair sportsmanship among our members.12. There are no age requirements for being a part of Squad Gaming, however, we do hope that members remain mature towards others, so as to avoid provocations and keep the community leveled for all. Hope this helps