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  1. The Iron Fist

    Stellung nach dem Kampf After Action Report # 1 Name of operation: Support coastal forces' retreat and destruction of pursuing forces Dates of operation: July 10th, 1943 (February 7th, 2018 real-time) Location of operation: Agrigento Outskirts, Sicily Summary: Retreating coastal elements engaged in the outskirts requested armored support from Panzer Gruppe One-Two-Seven. Saxon One spearheaded the convoy, along with our Freya into battle just some 20 miles north of Agrigento. Hostile forces consisted of one seven-point-six-centimeter Sherman and a company-sized infantry elements. Our panzer group arrived in time and little casualties are sustained in the ensuing firefight. Freya was the only vehicle that sustained heavy damage and an incapacitated driver. Friendly Italian and German forces have been relieved and retrieved successfully. No auxiliary casualties or further reports of note. Secondary Objectives: - Destroy 1 tank with ammo-rack explosion (completed) Battle Damage Report: Frontal hull heavily damaged Starboard-side chassis sustained a 7.6 cm AP round from an M4A2 Sherman. Wounded driver in-recovery at the triage post. Quartermaster Requisition: Front-hull repairs. Chassis repairs and dislodging of ammunition. Field dressing and emergency repair tools.
  2. Dossier der Wehrmacht und Italienisches Heer Mannschaften #120741 Name: Hans Weber Gender: Male Age: 25 Ethnicity: Caucasian (Prussian) Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm) Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg) General Physical Description: Medium-built body, mesomorphic generally. Short, square-away brown cut, hazelnut eyes, accompanied by fair white skin. Distinctive features include goggles' tan lines beneath his round eyes, claw-mark scars visible on both arms and Brandenburger tattoo on his upper left arm when sleeves are rolled up. Usually seen in his green M40 field uniform and gaiters, due to his post as a pioneer/field engineer as well as his personal prejudice against the tanker's outfit. Personality: Cheerful, and optimistic example of an ideal soldier, Hans is your devil-may-care type of guy that will leave you more questions than answers - considering his background records with the Brandenburgers. Although busted down to lance corporal after a heated argument against his superiors, Hans is a reliable person to get the job done. He is keen on getting his work squared away by preference of efficiency over methods of quantitive exploits. Rank: Oberpanzerpionier (Lance Corporal) Designation: Radio Operator Service Record: 36th Infanterie Division - France - Motorized Spearhead at Chiers and occupational duties in Paris. 5th Jager Division - Eastern Front - Saw actions in Demyansk, and Vyazma Brandenburger SAU - Special Assignments Unit for Abwehr, and infiltration/espionage ops in the following countries: Poland, France, USSR, Yugoslavia, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Great Britain, and United States. Esercito Italiano-Tedesco Gruppe 127 - Italy - Supply inspection and garrison duties at Sicily. Eventually reassigned to assist in evacuation of German-Italian forces from the island. Promotion Record: Sdt. (Private) -> OSdt. (Private First Class) -> Gef. (Lance Corporal) -> OGef. (Senior Lance Corporal) -> OJa. (Sergeant) -> Opp. (Lance Corporal)
  3. Dossier der Wehrmacht und Italienisches Heer Mannschaften Iron Fist Character Sheets Character Sheet Name: Gender: Age: Ethnicity: Height: Weight: General Physical Description: Personality: Rank: (long as the mod approves, anything goes) Designation: (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, and or radio operator) Service Record: Promotion Record:
  4. Gone in Action

    (Pvt. Kirin in the Spring Offensive - recolored image, courtesy of Dr. Sushinsky) Generale Despatch Name: Kirin Family/House: N/A Titles: N/A Gender: Male Age: 18 Ethnicity: Karalian Birthplace: Karya Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm) Weight: 160 lbs. (72 kg) General Physical Description: Average Karalian in height and weight. Short brunette cut, hazel eyes. Has distinctive droopy eyes and a few scars on his left arm. Personality: A young meek soldier whose optimism were short-lived when he enlisted for front line duties. His unbroken attitude for the better helps to ease those around him, although at times, unneeded. A naive and easily-scared soldier, he is usually cared for by his betters, in return for his cheerful stories while they lay in the comfort of their bunks and foxholes. Servyce Career Despatch Allegiance: Principality of Serinia Status: MIA (Missing in Action) Status Description: Last seen in Bella Forest during the Serinian Spring Offensive. Speculated to be vaporized by heavy artillery. Official records do not have a confirmed death. Awaiting further notes from field analysts. Units: Imperial Serinian Army - 59th Grenadier Regiment, 504th Reserve Regiment (former) Rank: Private Designation: Rifleman Biography / Backstory Summary: Born to a humble farm owner in the rural countryside of Karya, Kirin was the one of the first to enlist when the war started. Feeling the need to serve his country, and personal curiosity, the young farmboy went off to war. Although reluctant to come to terms with his new duties - killing. Primary weapon: Leyf M.98 rifle Other Notes: N/A
  5. Gone in Action

    Gone in Action Summary: A long time ago, in a continent far far away... The Kingdom of Aerilia and the Principality of Serinia are at war. Those who fought and died for their nations were once thought to be forgotten. As the war dragged on, documented profile of their soldiers are now upon you - the paper pusher in the rear with the gear. As an official clerk of the newly-founded department of wartime recollection, your job is to redraft a multitude of soldiers’ profile from both nations - living and dead. Thorough assess or blunt earnesty are at your disposal. Welcome to the post-war Joint War Review Department! Note: This is an RP about doing character sheet, nothing else. You may leave some author's note under the character sheets for some out-of-character interations. Have fun! Dossier of Aeri-Serinian Personnels DECLASSIFIED (image goes here) Generale Despatch Name: Family/House: (applicable if nobility) Titles: (applicable if nobility or recognized by the crown) Gender: Age: Ethnicity: (make up a region if you have to or simply state Aerilian / Serinian) Birthplace: Height: Weight: General Physical Description: Personality: Servyce Career Despatch Allegiance: (Kingdom of Aerilia or Principality of Serinia) Status: (KIA/WIA/Discharged/Active Duty) Status Description: (What are they doing now? How did they died? Reasons for discharge?) Units: Rank: (long as the mod approves, anything goes) Designation: (Rifleman, machinegunner, commando, specialist, instructor) Biography / Backstory Summary: Primary weapon: Other Notes: (auxiliary information such as traumatic triggers, extra info, as well as character apparel or preferred equipment goes here)
  6. Sushi's January Drawings

    Stop, you're gonna make me cry T.T
  7. Sushi's January Drawings

    January Sketches by: Sushi Remembrance RP (Sr. Sergeant Volkov) (The Unsung Archive - Journal Fragment #1) The Seven Seals (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) Squad Gaming's Characters (HM2 Sasha "Cupcake" Mayakovsky - Retired Corpsman) (Lt. Hans Weber - Brandenburg Clandestine Commando)
  8. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Ivan Juhasz Private First Class January 15th, 2040 10:00:09 CET (Central European Time) Hussar Line, Poland Pomf! Pomf! Pomf! A thunderous herd of artillery impacts blanketed the western horizon, where colorful tracers greeted each other through a series of intermittent waltz of fire. It has been more than a week since the Nightingales were cuddling in the comforts of their blankets, to where they now find themselves lying in the cold snow just behind the first few waves of armored and infantry elements. Announcing its grand opening, Operation Pola saw waves of well-rested Russians sweeping westward, alongside their Baltic allies. With the sun behind their backs, like a multitude of angels descending on their foes, EPAC forces flooded the wooded plains of Warsaw. The trails of smoke and dancing snowflakes left by the vanguard elements eventually faded to a dim lit layer of gray. The Nightingales have made their peace, and quickly threw themselves at the behest of their harbinger's word. Their lofty, white boots pressed into the foamy soil, like guardians of the heavens, leaping among the clouds of heaven. With their sights forward, and their feet behind them, the frosted legion have found themselves a moon of earth. Craters dotted the white earth, accompanied by an eerie silence of awe and desperation. Ivan turned his attention towards a disabled BTR-82, which had a broken turret, as well as a few dents and scratches. Pacing himself in a low-profiled manner, with his back towards the sky, Ivan dragged one of the crewmen out of the back, whose gloves were all but gone from the sparks and heated fissure of the limp turret. Examining his patient's conditions, the giant man unrolled his bandages and hydrogen peroxide, with his mind as calm as the Mare Nostrum of summer. Among Ivan's line of wounded, most cases were lacerations and slight contusions with minimal status of immediate off-field extraction - to which he delighted to save his tags and flares. Moving along the line of groaning and muttering soldiers, Ivan's head fell into his crimson hands, as he watched in awe and horror. Within the burning hour, exaggerated numbers became common, while common sense were all but buried deep into the depths of snow. Leaning back against the cold, steely beast of war, alongside his patients, his sky-watch was abruptly interrupted by soothing, but supernatural voice. "Juhasz, I need to borrow your extra auto-injectors, and a bag of plasma." "Sure thing... Here ya go, Kat." "Appreciated." The junior sergeant waddled her way through the empty field, before disappearing behind the tall grass beyond the smoking farmhouse. His break was cut short, and Ivan diverted his gaze towards the broken fence, with piles of used dressing seeping the white soil with its scarlet tears. As the sporadic gunfire pulled further away from the horizon into a dead silence, the tranquil woods came to life, whispering unspoken gossips of their uncharted consciousness. Another voice broke the lies of the breeze's tales, calling to Ivan's immediate attention, as he got up from behind the BTR. "Juhasz! On me!"
  9. Scripta Figuris Theodosius Palatium Historia The First Seal Character Sheet [Imago] (Image goes here) Notitia Generalis (General Information) Name: Nicknames / Epithets: (the Wolf, the Wise, etc.) Gender: Age: Citizenry: (Roman, Byzantine, Saxoni, etc.) Birthplace: (Where are you from?) Occupation: Height: Weight: General Physical Description: Personality: Notitia Cursus et Militum (Background Information) Honorary Titles: (Jarl, Legatus, Palatinus, Thane, etc.) Biography / Backstory: Strengths: (2 to 3 strengths) Weaknesses: (2 to 3 weaknesses) Creatura Corpus (Character Customization) Rank: (applicable if served in the army) Primary Weapon: Secondary Weapon: Apparel / Gears Description: Other: (auxiliary information such as traumatic triggers, extra info, as well as applicable nemesis)
  10. The First Seal

    From the Creator of Project Frontier and some Squad Gaming memes The First Seal “...Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a book sealed with seven seals, the first of which was broken. And behold a white horse, and he with the bow in his hands, went forth and conquer.” Book of Revelations 5-6 Forewords: Welcome to the opening of The Seven Seals series - The First Seal. The initial goals for this RP altogether will be for me to do a collective research for a novella I’m writing, but I digress to have something everyone can participate in. From a mighty and prominent historical figure to a mere peasant of humble beginnings, you choose your role. Explore the land as a wanderlust warrior of his own creed, or seek world conquest in this open-world history. The map spans If questions arises regarding historical reliability or extraordinary cases, feel free to message me or my reliable legionaries. Characters involvement and historical integrity are highly encouraged, but creativity crowns above all. Map of Europe c. 400 A.D. (Reference for CS & RP) Introduction: 400 A.D. - an age of strife. The affluent bathed in gold and avaricious desires, while the northern winds chased the suffering forever southward.The northern soil barren, while the Scourge of God rode westward. The harbinger of the end of world and Rome. The Empire divided, and her neighbors seeking refuge from the Hunnic terror. The old world is ripe for change, what will they, the scribes of history, remember you as?
  11. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Ivan Juhasz Private First Class January 3rd, 2040 22:17:20 CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland A familiar voice tucked deep into his spines, as he reeled in his casted look and caught Andrei's voice. He lowered his gaze to Katya's mysterious shadow that stood in front of him. His head quickly threw itself across the room, where he confirmed his aging eyes and thoughts, as Katya was already tucked away for the moonlight's trip. The uncanny likeness was terrifying to Ivan, whose immediate speculations were both petrified and intrigued. "Almost felt like deja vu for a second the'e. I'll take over from 'ere, Sergeant." The duo paced their way across the room as Ivan consorted the eye-catching lass on the facility's dissected quarters. His hands brushed off his cheek, as he stretched a big smile on his face when addressing his smaller associate. Her lips and cheeks swelled like an untouched cherry blossom of the early spring, while her unsettled, yet tender frame - the maid of Amsterdam in the shanties of old. Like Katya, Ivan only took a glimpse of their charms, reinforcing his convictions of bettering himself and see to the war's end. Lest they should wither young, like trampled flowers on the battlefield. "Welcome to the Nightingales; barracks number sixteen; sanctioned for retrieval of friendly wounded and rear-echelon duties. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'd highly suggest that bunk just across the Sergeant's - over.... there. Its got the coziest snug, from what I've heard. Oooh! Right! The name's Ivan. What might yours be, little one number two?" Ivan pushed aside a locker, twice the size of little Karen, with just the sweat of his palms. The burly Templar hurled extra sets of blankets over the top to make room for her, as he awaited a response from the young maiden.
  12. The Unsung Archive

    The Unsung Archive Forum RP Database Introduction: It came to my attention that the world-building aspect cannot be accomplished alone by the players and their individual characters. After playing some free-roam games, some thoughts are given into world-building via a collectible system in the general world for each role-play, all embedded within the choices and consequences of the role-play’s plot. In other words, the Unsung Archive is dedicated to enhance the role-play worlds by introducing side stories, fragments of a recorded event, message in the bottle, side quests journal, literatures, and anything of the sort in relation to the said RPs. The Unsung Archive is a work-in-progress, and will be revised by role-play staffs to enlarge the on-going roleplay worlds. Additional lore or creativity are welcomed. Contact the moderator in charge of your RP if you have an idea to submit! Excerpt Format: (Title of Role Play) (Year) (Month/Day) - (Type of Collectible) - (Location) (1 to 3 paragraphs of written text / item of intrigue & description / excerpts) Remembrance 2039 AD Dec 22 - Torn Letter - Outskirts of Belarus "… erican marines have trapped us in the Taulage Pocket. Igor and I were the only ones left in our platoon. Our wounds attended to by the cold…. …. kept close to each other… acted as a blanket… I woke up to Igor’s faded coughs. His pale face troubled me. It’s been a week since our entrapment, and our conditions prevented us from our walk… ….held his hands within mine, as he closed his eyes and passed... ...on the other side, my friend. This is the en…. of our war." 2040 AD Jan 1 - Intercepted Transmission - Krakow, Poland Intelligence Support Activity; to UXMCM5; Dispatch #26 "Reports of marked convoys from last dispatch are confirmed at last known location embedded in the file. Standing S&D orders are in effect. Recon suggests heavy Russian reinforcements en route to Poland. NEP forces in high-alert. Infiltration ops of Russian forces ineffective. Further notes from hostile rear-echelon units include possible offensive operation and special forces presence in Baltic AO, location unknown. Watchwords: Nightingale, Warsaw." Work-in-progress
  13. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Ivan Juhasz Private First Class January 3rd, 2040 22:15:49 CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland A smile stretched across Ivan's face as he brush his fingers above his nose. His feet parted, while his hands reached for the bunk's frames behind him. He leaned in lightly, prompting the frame to squeak a little against the boarded floor. He chewed out his words after Andrei's. "Could've been better, sergeant. Being back 'ere is better than the swamp. Plus, I can't let you have all the fun watch duties." Ivan stood idly by, studying Katya's countenance. Her eyes relentless in its pursuit for words, and her soft lips resembled soft flower petals. The load-bearing vest and intertwined webbing cling to her like an infant shielded from the troubles of the winter breeze. Her low, but defined voice danced to the tunes of the classical instruments. Tender, but sovereign, she stood out like a pretty, yet barbed rose. Infatuated, but appreciative, Ivan turned his locked gaze and fiddled with his interlocked straps. It was then, an unfamiliar face had entered the fray and approached the occupied trio. Katya Wojcik Junior Sergeant January 3rd, 2040 22:16:02 CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland "Strength and honor, senior sergeant. I'll do or die, you've got my word." Katya muttered these words in confidence, as she tightened her arms and locked it by her hips, while eyeing straight forward like an arrow piercing its target. She took a glimpse at Andrei before assessing the barrack's surroundings. Reserved in her words, Katya let the silence prevail, as to let her desire of unobtrusive leave be fulfilled. Before long, Ivan's words broke the thoughts of the two. "Looks like this place is about to get more lively. Incoming, sergeant." Lifting one of her hand above her hips and tucking it on one of her backpack's straps, Katya took notice of the impending soldier's arrival at the barrack's end. Judging from Ivan's words, she confirmed her belief that the figure's approach is perchance of similarity to that of hers. Ivan turned to Katya and spoke with his low, but friendly voice. He reached out and waved his arm about as he spoke. "Welcome to the Nig- ... Ni... Naich ting ...geol." "Nightingale." "Thanks. I could never get that word right. Anyways! Feel free to find yourself a vacant bunk, Katya. Make yourself at home." Katya nodded as she took her leave, scurrying to the bunk that she deemed suitable. Unpacking her things, she climbed onto her bed and leaned against its support. She watched as new face approached the senior sergeant, taking in all the thoughts of those she met. Although eager to bond, she constricted her feelings, and closed her eyes, gulping it all down. Perhaps this was a decent change of pace, away from Krakow. What has been done, was done. She took it to heart and passed on to the dream realm, as the warm barrack tucked her into its bosoms.
  14. Ponzu's Introduction

    Ponzu the Sun Tzu