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  1. Gone in Action

    Generale Despatch Name: Vernon Family/House: N/A Titles: N/A Gender: Male Age: 25 Ethnicity: Leanian Birthplace: Leania Height: 6 ft. 2 in. (190 cm) Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg) General Physical Description: Muscular, stern tall Leanian. Caucasian, well kept brown hair, brown eyes. Standard Serinian army uniform. Personality: Mid twenties, nationalist. Served with pride and honor on the front lines. Believed in the "greater good" for Serinia. Kind yet stern to fellow comrades. He inspired some and causes discontent with others. Servyce Career Despatch Allegiance: Principality of Serinia Status: KIA (Killed in Action) Status Description: Found in a artillery shelling's hole. Multiple bayonet stabbing wounds, bled out. Fought twelve enemy soldiers in melee with club and pistol. Battle of Nerman, fields of Larsen. Units: Imperial Serinian Army - 21st Fusilier Regiment Rank: Sergeant Designation: Rifleman Biography / Backstory Summary: Orphaned by his former family. Adopted by a young couple that recently bought farm land. Recieved basic education before worked the fields of his family. Worked himself to near death during famine. Joined the army a year before the war broke out, sought other opportunities. Primary weapon: Leyf M.98 rifle w/ bayonet, NCO Sword, trench club Other Notes: Awarded Hero of Serinia - Medal
  2. Dossier der Wehrmacht und Italienisches Heer Mannschaften #9123 Name: Nils Berkhoff Gender: Male Age: 29 Ethnicity: Caucasian (Prussian) Height: 6 ft. 2 in. (188 cm) Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg) General Physical Description: Alpha-built body, fitness enthusiast. Medium, dark blonde, out of regulation cut. Well kept beard, with slightly grown dau mustache. Blue eyes, caucasian skin tone with places of gun powder dust. Dark sags underneath eyes due to lack of sleep and high stress. Donning the standard dark tanker uniform as the muscles underneath it constantly in a flexing position. His uniform is well maintained even in the field; insignias kept crisp, awards maintained, and overall look. The dark garrison cap consistently worn with a slight tilt on his head. A noticeable officer's luger maintained in the holster held by his belt. Personality: Professional soldier, with powerful conscious. Former boxer turned soldier, he values physical abilities over life as "excellent physical condition is excellent health", views mental health ideal but not a priority. Follows a code of ethics only known by himself, fellow peers and superiors view as idiotic. Subordinates are treated and cared for at the highest. If orders are unclear, unethical, or out right suicidal - will disregard. Superiors out right disapprove of him and have attempted to be rid of him. However, all cases against him were immediately dropped as they would receive a certain visit. Rank: Feldwebel (Technical Sergeant) Designation: Tank Commander Service Record: 4th Panzer Division - Invasion of Poland, Invasion of France, and Operation Barbarossa; combating on the Eastern Front Esercito Italiano-Tedesco Gruppe 127 - Transferred to Italy upon need of a liaison. Advisor to armored command at Sicily. Eventually reassigned to assist in evacuation of German-Italian forces from the island. Promotion Record: Sdt. (Private) -> OSdt. (Private First Class) -> Gef. (Lance Corporal) -> OGef. (Senior Lance Corporal) -> Uffz. (Corporal) ->UFw. (Sergeant) -> Fw. (Technical Sergeant/Staff Sergeant)
  3. The Iron Fist

    Die Eisenfaust The Iron Fist Kampfkraft Center Combat Power Center Equipment Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. G “Freya” Primary Armament: 7.5 cm KwK 40 main gun Secondary Armament: 2 x 7.92 mm MG.34 machine guns Operation Range: 200 km (120 miles) Speed: 38 - 42 km/h (24 - 26 mph) max speed Assignments Fw. Nils Berkhoff (Commander) Opp. Hans Weber (Radio Operator) OGef. Karl Fischer - NPC (Gunner) OGef. Alwin Schmidt - NPC (Loader) Gef. Josef Ludwig - NPC (Driver) Sitz der Kampfgruppe und Versorgungslager Command Post & Supply Depot Current Mission Briefing July 8th, 1943 - Palermo Outskirts, Sicily Primary Objectives: Defense of Italy from Allied Invasion Allow evacuation of German & Italian military assets to mainland Italy Secondary Objectives: Destroy 1 hostile tank with an ammo rack explosion shot (90+ rolls) Supply Report: Supply route are unhindered. Supply depot's inventories are sufficient. Aerial re-supply are unavailable. Additional Intel:
  4. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Andrei Volkov Senior Sergeant January 3rd, 2040 10:15 PM CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland Nodding in approval, Andrei's response was subtle as he laid picked back up his tablet and excused the Junior Sergeant and Juhasz audibly. "You are both excused." But before he could excuse them a sudden new face amongst the barracks arose as the figure similar to Wojcik etched closer and closer. Andrei simply awaited as Juhasz and Wojcik cleared themselves, finishing their introduction before walking off to continue their conversation. The unfamiliar figure began to emerge her figure being much more clearer as shakey and worried before approaching himself. "Are you Senior Sergeant Volkov?" The unfamiliar, soft toned voice spoke. Her petite build and her facial features were of few have seen. "Yes. Yes I am. How may I help you?" He'd reply in a friendly yet stern tone as he awaited a response but before long the figure stood at attention. "Private Leonas reporting to Task Force Nightingale for further orders!" Volkov simply nodded, extending his hand out for what would be assumed as paper orders. Leonas extending the orders out and placing it in his hands a he'd open them quickly glancing them over before returning them. "Well welcome to the Task Force. I'll get someone to show you around as you get yourself stowed away. Juhasz!"
  5. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Andrei Volkov Senior Sergeant January 3rd, 2040 10:15 PM CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland Background Tunes With the roasting fire in the background and the sounds of classic Russian tunes played quietly as ambient sounds. Andrei continues to eye the two as he places the tablet aside, afixing his posture as he speaks out looking to the tall beast that is Ivan his aura becoming a welcoming and friendly one. "I didn't realize you were coming back out to the front lines so quick again! Hope your ride wasn't too bumpy for yer taste!" Addressing Ivan as their presence came upon him before glancing back over to Katya with a completely different aura. "So you are my new potato, huh? My last assistant lead couldn't handle his post and transferred out. Are you able to handle it?" Andrei questioned the Junior Sergeant raising a brow, his voice grim yet natural and calming. His sitting posture would be a stance of welcoming and comfort as his expressions matched his stance. His voice did not. Karen Leonas Private January 3rd, 2040 10:15 PM CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland Karen dragged her feet against the snow as she made her way to the new barracks. Her assignment to this task force made her weary. An assignment to the front lines was what she wished for and that is what she got. However the thought of actual combat and treatment of wounded was mind provoking. She began her march to the barracks, looking around the F.O.B. for signs of direction. To any on lookers she was a lost pup with no mother to guide her. "Excuse me! Do you know where barracks number sixteen is?" Karen asked a nearby soldier for directions as the soldier guided her with instructions. "Follow this path down to the mess hall... take a right... walk the path until you see a sign with barracks labeled and then take a left..." Karen took it all in before taking the instructions to use by marching down the path with a confident yet weary stance. She'd tightly grip her rifle and paper orders, walking down the path to a new experience. Upon reaching the end of her directions she sighted the barracks with the number sixteen etched into it's front. It's shabby yet at home easing appearance guided her to the wooden front door. Upon putting her hand on the handle she began to have second thoughts and began to contemplate her introduction to her squad mates. After several minutes of standing outside a soldier behind her spoke out. "Uh... you gonna open the door or stand out in the cold?" Startled and rushed she quickly nodded, opening the door of the barracks and entering. The warm air felt like heaven from the freezing air outside as she stepped inside. The members of the barracks were off minding their own business but upon looking around the sight of a mighty beast man in the back beside a small petite figure was frightening yet astonishing. "Scuse' me do you know where I can find Senior Sergeant Volkov?" Questioning the soldier that startled her from behind. The soldier chuckled and motioned for the area in which she sighted the beast man and small figure. Karen then began her path of righteousness as she walked down the pathway to the back of the barracks to where she was directed.
  6. Ponzu's Introduction

    Welcome back! Vietnam server memoriessss
  7. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Andrei Volkov Senior Sergeant January 3rd, 2040 10:13 PM CET (Central European Time) Outskirts of Warsaw, Poland An audible breath of air is heard. It's his own. The freezing air flowing through his nostrils. The feeling of another breath is a reminder to himself he is still alive. Unfortunately for himself, he's currently in the center of an all out world war as he lays inside a foxhole of frozen dirt and snow falling down into it. "Where the fuck is my rotation cycle?" Thinking to himself as he checks his digital watch for the time. "Thirteen minutes late and I'm freezing my ass out here." The sound of thick footsteps would be heard in the direction of the friendly F.O.B. (Forward Operating Base), quickly grabbing his rifle Andrei arises aiming in the direction of the sounds. The appearance of the figure would be outlined in the dark as the figure moved closer the uniform of an EPAC (Europe - Pacific Alliance Coalition) soldier would be made. "Are you my late replacement?", Andrei questioned the soldier. The response would be enlightening as Andrei crawled out of the cold foxhole and began his walk back to the F.O.B. Upon arriving at the entrance of the F.O.B. he was greeted with respectful grunts of his rank as he made his way to his barracks. Opening the makeshift wooden door as he entered the warm, scruffy barracks. The fireplace in the back of the barracks would be lit, emitting the warm air throughout the barracks as well as the multiple breathing bodies in their bunks. The other task force members would be asleep or doing their thing in their bunks as they awaited for the next day. Andrei headed to his bunk in the middle and began do de-gear, removing his gear and stowing them away. He then sat on his bunk, taking his tablet out and began to read the current news.
  8. Froopy's Introduction

    Chub is his brother. A meme in the past. @FPSBloodraven
  9. Cub's Intro.

    Should I even say "welcome back"? After all... you never exactly left...
  10. Remembrance [Forum RP]

    Task Force Nightingale Unit Roster Rank | Character Name | OOC Name Ground Unit Leader: SSgt. | Andrei Volkov | @Leaf Ground Unit Assistant Leader: JSgt. | Katya Wojcik | @Sushi Ground Unit Riflemen: Pfc. | Dimitriy Mikhailovich | @12 Boost and a Dream Pfc. | Nikoli Weshitz | @InsightOfLight Pfc. | Ivan Juhasz | @Sushi Pvt. | Karen Leonas | @Leaf Private - Pvt. | Private First Class - Pfc. | Junior Sergeant (JSgt.) | Sergeant (Sgt.) | Senior Sergeant (SSgt.)
  11. Name: Andrei Volkov Nickname: N/A Gender: Male Ethnicity: West Russian Age: 29, Twenty - Nine Date of Birth: March 3rd, 2011 Place of Birth: Kursk, Russia Bio: Andrei Volkov was born into a middle class family of four in Kursk, Russia of 2011. He had two older siblings that watched over him as he grew up. His father ran the local clinic as a physician and his mother a nurse. Andrei grew up in a normal neighborhood as he mostly played with his older brother and sister. But before long they eventually left to college and he was left alone to take care of his parents as he entered junior high school. His mother was later diagnosed with lung cancer and later passed that year. Andrei helped his father run the clinic when he came back from school up until his senior year of high school as he graduated and went off to join the army as a medic. After many years of service and with the outbreak of the Third World War Andrei was then assigned to Task Force Nightingale. Personality: Andrei is a adaptable and has a young fatherly aura. Being open to many relationships with his subordinates and taking care of them. Being the father of two, he is caring for his subordinates and takes personal care of the newbies. Why You Chose Enlisted: With his older siblings off living their lives as modern day desk workers and inspired by his father's profession of being a physician, Andrei wanted to do something greater with his life and enlisted into the Russian Army as a medic. Wanting to save lives while serving his country and doing something more then working a menial job the rest of his life. Likes: Cigarettes, family, and bonding. Dislikes: Arrogance, hate, and lost hope. Fears: Death and suffering Family: Father - 72 (Alive) Mother - 53 (Deceased) Brother - 35 (Alive) Sister - 32 (Alive)Height: 180 cm Weight: 80 kg Body Description: Mesomorphic Strengths: Leadership, combat medical knowledge, and body fitness. Weaknesses: Marksmanship, emotional handling, and constant thought of losing a subordinate. Rank: Senior Sergeant (SSgt.) Designation: Rifleman, Squad Leader Previous Units: 5th Combat Medic Detachment, 8th Combat Medic Detachment Promotion Record: Rct. (Recruit) > Pvt. (Private) > Pfc. (Private First Class) > JSgt. (Junior Sergeant) > Sgt. (Sergeant) > SSgt. (Senior Sergeant) Quote: "Ever faithful." ----------- Name: Karen Leonas Nickname: "Rookie" Gender: Female Ethnicity: Lithuanian Age: 20, Twenty. Date of Birth: November 21st, 2020 Place of Birth: Kelmė, Lithuania Bio: Karen Leonas was born in a small town of Northern Lithuania to a small farmer family of five. Growing up, she helped around the farm and played with her siblings around the farm. Her parents were always working around the farm and were usually busy. Once enrolling into schooling she met many kids her age and began to branch out with her relationships around the town. All the while picking up Russian as a second language. Once finishing her basic schooling she decided to enroll in nursing school in Russia. After completing two years and the Third World War breaking out she enlisted and was shipped right to the front. Personality: Karen is timid and still has her innocence due to not having to experience the harsh reality of war yet. She cares for her comrades and treats her squad mates like her second family. She is willing to learn and adapt but can be stubborn when it comes to treating not only soldiers but civilians. Why You Chose Enlisted: Using her medical knowledge, Karen enlists to save soldiers on the front lines as well as do something with her life. Her main purpose was to find a role in life for her and that means experiencing new things as enlisting in a foreign army would allow her to do so. Why You Chose to Enlist?: Karen wanted to experience new things in life and didn't want to live her life sparingly. In deep thought while in Russia attempting to find a job she decided to enlist into the Russian Army. With the war and all she figured she would experience the most during the war and do her job on the field by saving people!Likes: Cooking, deep conversations, and passion. Dislikes: No soul - "cold" personality, yelling, and blatancy.Fears: Aftermath of war and being excluded. Fears: Aftermath of war and being excluded.Family: Father - 58 (Alive), Mother - 57 (Alive), Brother - 25 (Alive), Sister - 23 (Alive)/ Height: 162 cm Weight: 60 kg Body Description: Willowy Strengths: Motivation, cooking skills, and organizational levels. Weaknesses: Pressure and weak resolve. Rank: Private (Pvt.) Designation: Rifleman Previous Units: N/A Promotion Record: Rct. (Recruit) > Pvt. (Private) Quote: "You don't know if you don't try."
  12. Dougie Kun

    What is this? Did I come across a new civilization in Stellaris?
  13. Froopy's Introduction

    Rest in Peace. He was a good man.