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How will Funding Packages work?

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As stated in the Document Book for Squad Gaming.

Funding Packages are going to be a great way of supporting Squad Gaming before the initial launch date. Ideally planned to hold more value than future donators after launch, this will give us a kickstart in getting the community into action right off the bat. Funding Packages are scheduled to be released once a server is confirmed for development. Those who donate for a package will be recognized in Squad Gaming as a founder for that specific server permanently. Appropriate tags and roles are applied in our forums, Discord, and in-game to the specified member (In addition to what is included in their respective funding package).

General Process:

Confirmation of a server (By Community Meetings and Voting via Discord/Forums)

Discussing how these servers will work In another major meeting.

Funding Package Meeting (Discussing Funding Package Ideas)

The Releasing Of The Packages (Limited Time)



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