Profectus Timeline W.I.P

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Profectus Enterprises W.I.P. Timeline



Profectus Enterprises introduced to a UEE(United Earth Empire) colony on the planet named 'Seahorse' in the Ellis IV system.


Profectus Enterprises lands big on a multi-billion dollar company and begins investing. Trade routes established.


PE invested and owns a local military named 'Astrea Military Solutions' to protect supply routes and provide security.


Trade routes become frequently raided by Vanduul pirates.


Vanduul inhabited planet discovered by PE and AMS. Profect Enterprises was then rewarded in UEC by UEE Gov.


PE begins expanding and investing in other companies in the UEE colonies. PE begins experimenting with newly improved warp drive systems that allow further travel into space.




PE remained as the UEE's top company and will most likely do so for a good while longer.


A war broke out between the UEE and the Vanduul. The Vanduul were given a chance to be at peace with the UEE but the Vanduul kept on raiding trade routes.


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