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Oh no!

On behalf of Squad Gaming, I hope you are visiting this thread due to an incorrect ban. On the off chance that you were correctly banned and you wish to be unbanned, I wish you good luck.

If you are here to request that a player gets banned you are in the wrong place. Please visit this thread to report a player of the community. Being as detailed as possible helps the Staff Team assist you better. Please note that ban appeals may take up to 72 hours to process.


You will need to copy this template below (including the questions) and paste it into a new thread. Your new thread will need to be titled "Ban Appeal".




Your name:

Your Steam ID:

Server of Squad Gaming:


Name of Staff Member who banned you:

Steam ID of the Staff Member who banned you:

Date & Time of ban:

Ban reason stated:

Length of ban:


Was the ban correct? If yes, are you accepting the fact that your actions were against the rules:

If the ban was incorrect then give evidence that proves innocence:

Other Staff Members online at the time (If Applicable):



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