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Gone in Action




A long time ago, in a continent far far away...

The Kingdom of Aerilia and the Principality of Serinia are at war. Those who fought and died for their nations were once thought to be forgotten. As the war dragged on, documented profile of their soldiers are now upon you - the paper pusher in the rear with the gear. As an official clerk of the newly-founded department of wartime recollection, your job is to redraft a multitude of soldiers’ profile from both nations - living and dead. Thorough assess or blunt earnesty are at your disposal.

Welcome to the post-war Joint War Review Department!



This is an RP about doing character sheet, nothing else. You may leave some author's note under the character sheets for some out-of-character interations. Have fun!



Dossier of Aeri-Serinian Personnels


(image goes here)

Generale Despatch


Family/House: (applicable if nobility)

Titles: (applicable if nobility or recognized by the crown)



Ethnicity: (make up a region if you have to or simply state Aerilian / Serinian)




General Physical Description:


Servyce Career Despatch

Allegiance: (Kingdom of Aerilia or Principality of Serinia)

Status: (KIA/WIA/Discharged/Active Duty)

Status Description: (What are they doing now? How did they died? Reasons for discharge?)


Rank: (long as the mod approves, anything goes)

(Rifleman, machinegunner, commando, specialist, instructor)

Biography / Backstory Summary:

Primary weapon:

Other Notes:
(auxiliary information such as traumatic triggers, extra info, as well as character apparel or preferred equipment goes here)

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(Pvt. Kirin in the Spring Offensive - recolored image, courtesy of Dr. Sushinsky)

Generale Despatch

Name: Kirin

Family/House: N/A

Titles: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Ethnicity: Karalian

Birthplace: Karya

Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs. (72 kg)

General Physical Description: Average Karalian in height and weight. Short brunette cut, hazel eyes. Has distinctive droopy eyes and a few scars on his left arm.

Personality: A young meek soldier whose optimism were short-lived when he enlisted for front line duties. His unbroken attitude for the better helps to ease those around him, although at times, unneeded. A naive and easily-scared soldier, he is usually cared for by his betters, in return for his cheerful stories while they lay in the comfort of their bunks and foxholes.


Servyce Career Despatch

Allegiance: Principality of Serinia

Status: MIA (Missing in Action)

Status Description: Last seen in Bella Forest during the Serinian Spring Offensive. Speculated to be vaporized by heavy artillery. Official records do not have a confirmed death. Awaiting further notes from field analysts.

Units: Imperial Serinian Army - 59th Grenadier Regiment, 504th Reserve Regiment (former)

Rank: Private

Designation: Rifleman

Biography / Backstory Summary: Born to a humble farm owner in the rural countryside of Karya, Kirin was the one of the first to enlist when the war started. Feeling the need to serve his country, and personal curiosity, the young farmboy went off to war. Although reluctant to come to terms with his new duties - killing.

Primary weapon: Leyf M.98 rifle

Other Notes:

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Generale Despatch

Name: Vernon

Family/House: N/A

Titles: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Ethnicity: Leanian

Birthplace: Leania

Height: 6 ft.  2 in. (190 cm)

Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg)

General Physical Description: Muscular, stern tall Leanian. Caucasian, well kept brown hair, brown eyes. Standard Serinian army uniform.

Personality: Mid twenties, nationalist. Served with pride and honor on the front lines. Believed in the "greater good" for Serinia. Kind yet stern to fellow comrades. He inspired some and causes discontent with others.


Servyce Career Despatch

Allegiance: Principality of Serinia

Status: KIA (Killed in Action)

Status Description: Found in a artillery shelling's hole. Multiple bayonet stabbing wounds, bled out. Fought twelve enemy soldiers in melee with club and pistol. Battle of Nerman, fields of Larsen.

Units: Imperial Serinian Army - 21st Fusilier Regiment

Rank: Sergeant

Designation: Rifleman

Biography / Backstory Summary: Orphaned by his former family. Adopted by a young couple that recently bought farm land. Recieved basic education before worked the fields of his family. Worked himself to near death during famine. Joined the army a year before the war broke out, sought other opportunities. 

Primary weapon: Leyf M.98 rifle w/ bayonet, NCO Sword, trench club

Other Notes:
Awarded Hero of Serinia - Medal


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