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Die Eisenfaust

The Iron Fist




Kampfkraft Center

Combat Power Center




Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. G


Primary Armament: 7.5 cm KwK 40 main gun 

Secondary Armament: 2 x 7.92 mm MG.34 machine guns

Operation Range: 200 km (120 miles)

Speed: 38 - 42 km/h (24 - 26 mph) max speed



Fw. Nils Berkhoff


Opp. Hans Weber

(Radio Operator)

OGef. Karl Fischer - NPC


OGef. Alwin Schmidt - NPC


Gef. Josef Ludwig - NPC



Sitz der Kampfgruppe und Versorgungslager

Command Post & Supply Depot



Current Mission Briefing

July 8th, 1943 - Palermo Outskirts, Sicily

Primary Objectives:

  • Defense of Italy from Allied Invasion

  • Allow evacuation of German & Italian military assets to mainland Italy

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy 1 hostile tank with an ammo rack explosion shot (90+ rolls)

Supply Report:

  • Supply route are unhindered.
  • Supply depot's inventories are sufficient.
  • Aerial re-supply are unavailable.

Additional Intel:


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Stellung nach dem Kampf

After Action Report

# 1



Name of operation:  Support coastal forces' retreat and destruction of pursuing forces

Dates of operation:  July 10th, 1943 (February 7th, 2018 real-time)

Location of operation:  Agrigento Outskirts, Sicily



Retreating coastal elements engaged in the outskirts requested armored support from Panzer Gruppe One-Two-Seven. Saxon One spearheaded the convoy, along with our Freya into battle just some 20 miles north of Agrigento. Hostile forces consisted of one seven-point-six-centimeter Sherman and a company-sized infantry elements. Our panzer group arrived in time and little casualties are sustained in the ensuing firefight. Freya was the only vehicle that sustained heavy damage and an incapacitated driver. Friendly Italian and German forces have been relieved and retrieved successfully. No auxiliary casualties or further reports of note.

Secondary Objectives:

- Destroy 1 tank with ammo-rack explosion (completed)

Battle Damage Report:

  • Frontal hull heavily damaged 
  • Starboard-side chassis sustained a 7.6 cm AP round from an M4A2 Sherman.
  • Wounded driver in-recovery at the triage post.

Quartermaster Requisition:

  1. Front-hull repairs.
  2. Chassis repairs and dislodging of ammunition.
  3. Field dressing and emergency repair tools.



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